South Australian Professional Networking Association for Migrants (SAPNAM) meets and works on Kaurna Land.

We thank the elders past and present.

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SAPNAM, a self help group, was started in May 2017 by a group of likeminded professionals in Adelaide, Most of whom had experienced migration to Australia and all of whom had been working with more recent migrants in advocacy and employment support. They decided to pool their efforts to fill a gap in support structures.

Many new migrants were unable to access the information they needed and have the conversations required to gain employment in Australia. The SAPNAM team could see that this was causing deep frustration and eroding goodwill, leading to some leaving Adelaide and even Australia. While there existed much information in the form of literature and formal government run sessions, the need was conversations, connections and one-on-one support. SAPNAM was formed to be an informal,free and unaligned neutral group which offered ongoing personal support for job seekers new to Adelaide and social professional networking.

It is a lose affiliation of volunteers joined by a common goal of ‘passing-forward’ good will and empowering people to help each other.

It uses a monthly forum on a Tuesday night and is a 24/7 social media group using the Telegram App.

What We do?

SAPNAM aims to offer support to migrants.

We do not offer employment but opportunities to hone communication skills, network and make direct links with people in industry. SAPNAM draws on a large network of leading professionals in Adelaide in IT, education, academia, health, banking, finance, the arts and design and other fields as well as migrants who have recently been successful in finding employment to share experience and advice.

The SAPNAM Telegram group is strictly limited to employment related advice and links. It is not a platform for other settlement related enquires. It is also starting to be used by recruiters to post suitable job opportunities and advertise their requirements without any fees or charges.

SAPNAM has contributed to the state government enquiry into migrant retention and experience and enquiry into Wage Theft. SAPNAM is a platform for migrant advocacy and endeavours to ensure that difficult process of migration is attenuated through friendship. SAPNAM believes it’s all of Australia’s responsibility to welcome and accelerate belonging for migrants with gratitude and enthusiasm to create happy, stable and productive communities.